John Zobel

The Western Washington Division mourns the recent passing of John Zobel. John was an active member of the division, both a veteran fencer himself and a fencing parent for his son Eric. John’s presence will be sorely missed.
Our condolences go out to his wife, LaVerne Woods, and his son, Eric Zobel.

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Live Results for the 2017 Battle in Seattle

Live results for the Battle in Seattle will be at Live results for the veteran’s events are at

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Battle in Seattle 2017 Planning Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Date: 12/12/16

Attendees:  Alan Geller, Rachel Peterson, Michael Reiter, Kevin Mar, Joe Hoover, Dan Berke

WWD Meeting Agenda – December 2016 Miscellaneous

  1. Updated LAO plates have been put on trophies at SAS, Dan has receipt for engraving
  •   Need to update Men’s Saber (Tariq Karam is listed as WFA; should be SAS)
  1. Dan ordered more tape for the bodycord tape machines, as well as some plastic wrap and roller for the first aid kit (to wrap ice packs)
  2. Email forwarding on the WWD website is broken and needs to be fixed (emails to aliases
  3. ROC bids due January 10th. I assume we want to bid again?
  •   Yes
  1. SAS has asked us to consider bidding to make the LAO a D1A ROC. This would likely increase the size (which has been dropping lately.) The only negatives are that we’d probably need to raise the price and we’ll have to run separate gender events.
  • Yes, we will put in a bid and )if we get the ROC) try it on a trial basis

Battle in Seattle Planning

  1. General Stuff
    1. Dan and Mike won’t be there.
    2. Probably can have Greg help with BC.
    3. We will use one computer for check-in near the couches.
    4. Parking will be tight as usual. Work with Greg to post signs directing cars to overflow lot.
    5. Aly will be there to provide medical services.
    6. Hotel block at the Courtyard is already set up for $118/night.
  2. Metal strips & replay system
  3. The Canadian strips probably won’t be available due to the fact that they have a Canada Cup scheduled in Vancouver on the same weekend. We have three (2 RCFC + 1 WFA) but maybe the Canadians will have a few spares. Waiting to hear back from John French on that.
  4.  Looks like we are ok on strips; Alan is checking.
  5. Do we want to consider using the nasty old copper strips? Unless they have disposed of them, they have plenty of them in Vancouver.
  6.   No
  7. We will want to borrow the SAS replay system. Someone will need to coordinate with Bill Nary.
  8. Armory
  9. Set up tables in the corner by strip 1 as usual.
  10. Andy Collins confirmed he’ll be there although we’ll need to confirm exact times with him
  11. We should strongly consider renting rope stanchions to manage traffic near strips 1 and 13. The stanchions are $10 each and 8’ ropes are $5 each (per day) from R&R Party Rentals. Weekends are considered one day, so the price should be $160 for 12 stanchions and 8 ropes.
  12.      We will buy our own, rent within the division
  13. T-shirts
  14. We need to decide on a shirt design. Should I contact Jeff Wilkson for ideas? How much was our budget for a design?


  1. We will plan on ordering fewer extras (beyond the pre-ordered shirts) this year so that we don’t wind up with a large surplus. Numbers can be decided later.
  2. Referees
  3. Alan has started hiring referees, are any flights booked?
  4.  Full – we have all the refs, they are booking flights (if needed)

Ii. Need to keep ref #’s under control (cost)

  1. With 13 strips, ideally we will have about 15 refs per day total.
  2. Local refs that we will want: Garik, Kevin, Adam, George, Nikita, Michael, Zoe, Alan (if not doing BC.)
  3. Peter Burchard isn’t available, so Kevin will do assigning and also ref when needed.
  4. As soon as we know how many rooms we need, we should book the ref hotel rooms.
  5. Some roommate preferences have already been expressed

Ii.  Estimated 5 rooms needed

  • Prizes & medals
  • Are we planning on ordering glass medals again? When is the deadline for ordering?
  •     Yes
  • Coffee & French Presses as usual? When is the deadline for ordering engraving?
  •   Yes
  • Do we want to do swag bags again?
  •   No
  • Idea of doing an engraved “coin” for refs. One idea was a coin with WA icons on it – heads a green tree and tails a red apple.
  •    General approval of idea
  •   Ii. Mike to do research
  1. Food
  2. Details to be decided later
  3. Probably will go with the usual teriyaki Saturday and BBQ Sunday

Touch base again in early January for final planning.

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Leon Auriol Registration Deadline

The regular-fee registration deadline for the Leon Auriol Open is this Wednesday!!

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WWD Meeting Agenda – August 2016

General Notes

  1. Will WWD reimburse our professional memberships again?


2. Alan has emailed club reps asking for tournament dates
Event schedule should be posted on WWD site
Remind organizers of saber events that they need to use the new timings and on guard lines
Dan will create the events in AskFred
3.  Do we run JOs as a single long day at RCFC, or two days?
1 day
4. We will be using a “good for the entire season” waiver, but it only will apply to WWD members.
We will track who has signed in a spreadsheet.
We should probably make ~200 copies, that will probably cover everyone
5. WWD medals for the new season
Do we keep the same design/material?
We should order multiple years’ worth, only need for Championships in June
6. What is our official policy regarding borrowing WWD equipment? We have a request for Bladefest.
Equipment can be borrowed by anyone but they need to make a security deposit ($100) to cover missing/broken equipment upon return (by deadline)
We should make an inventory list to place in the box with the test kits
7. WWD scoring machines will not be sent in to be upgraded to the new timings – too old, limited usage
8.  Should WWD kick in some cash to support vets going to Vet Worlds? Suggestion was to donate to fund coach travel.
9.  Qualifiers – no refunds if the event isn’t fenced. This is because of the cost of keeping people on site.
Leon Auriol Open Planning
1. Event is on AskFred, Dan will start sending reminder emails
2. Need to confirm that SAS has at least 4 or 5 machines upgraded to the new timings
Checked with Kundry; the process is underway and is expected to be ready for the LAO.
Need at least 10 per day
Plan to fly in two: Lilov and Lenitsky
Tentative list: Garik, Adam, Alan, Kevin, Zoe, Justin, Lilov, Lenitsky, +2 TBD
Possible refs: Greg, Michael, Nikita, George
4. Trainer (Lucy) has been contacted, waiting to hear on availability
5. Need to contact Andy and/or Kyle M. about helping with armory
6. Who is planning on fencing (tentatively)?
7. Will we do armory pre-checks?
8. Prizes
Leon medals; we have plenty

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Division Championships

Remember, division championships are coming up soon! Full information is on AskFRED at As it says there, all fencers must pre-register on AskFRED by 11:59pm PDT on June 8th, 2016. Failure to do so will result in DOUBLE entry fees.

At noon on Sunday, 6/12, the annual division membership meeting will be held, including the election of next season’s board of directors. Please make sure to attend!

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Y14 Qualifiers for Summar Nationals

The following table lists all of the fencers who are already qualified for Y14 at Summer Nationals, and so don’t have to fence in the division qualifiers this weekend. Fencers who are flagged with an asterisk (*) are qualified through regional points only; they do not count as auto-qualified and so will take up a qualifying spot at division qualifiers should they fence and make the top 25%.

Fencers can qualify by being on the national Y14 points list by earning points at an SYC or NAC; by being on the top 16 of the national Y12 points list by earning points at an SYC or NAC; by being in the top 30% (any fraction rounded up) on the region 1 Y14 points list by earning points at one or more RYCs; or by finishing in the top 25% at the division qualifying tournament this weekend.

Women's Epee:Mallika Ketkar*
Kajsa Holland-Goon
Ketki Ketkar
Catherine Ji
Men's Epee:Axel Li*
Joseph Roy*
Jerry Lu
Women's Foil:Kira Seshaiah*
Maya Outhred*
Louise Tang
Elisabeth (Gracie) Kim
Men's Foil:Wesley Wong
Martin Macedo*
Benjamin Lee
Ivan Ponomarev
Women's Saber:none
Men's Saber:
Ethan Wang
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
Tariq Karam
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Pre-qualifier List for Summer Nationals

The following fencers have qualified for division II (and III, if they are still rated D or below as of the registration deadline for Summer Nationals). Note that these fencers are not considered “automatic qualifiers” by the USFA, and so will take up a qualifying slot if they finish in the top 25% at division qualifiers. Thus, if you’re one of these fencers, please do *not* participate in the division qualifying tournament (in the same weapon, of course) in order to avoid depriving another fencer of the possibility of qualifying.
Women's Epee:Tzvetelina Dimitrova
Rachel WIlliams
Krystle Furtwangler
Cynthia Glover
Stephanie English
Men's Epee:Isaac Dugaw
Mark Blom
Craig Haworth
Audun Holland-Goon
Johannes Klein
Daniel Berke
Jeff Johnson
Tobias Lee
Aaron Page
John Comes
Robert Lampson
Women's Foil:Zoe Tolbert
Alina Marshall
Sylvie Troxel
Kyla Shelly
Ana Brainard
Catherine McClellan
Men's Foil:Benjamin Lee
Martin Macedo
Richard Bowen
Tobias Lee
Craig Haworth
Women's Saber:Erin Shea
Abigail Swallow
Men's Saber:
David Rule
Ethan Wang
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
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The 2016 Battle in Seattle is Coming!!

The 2016 edition of the Battle in Seattle Division 1A ROC is coming soon!! Register now at AskFRED before fees go up on January 23rd!!

This year’s tee shirt design is pretty awesome, featuring Sasquatch and the Space Needle:

Battle in Seattle 2016 Tee Shirt Design

If you pre-order your shirt when you register, it’s only $15 — a bargain compared to the $35 many events charge these days!! Even at the door, it’s only $20.

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Time to Register for the Leon Auriol Open

This year’s Leon Auriol Open is coming soon! Register at

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