2017 April NAC Results

Lots of medals for the division at the Baltimore NAC!!

Leading the way were the veterans:

  • Kwongsuk Chung took double gold in Vet40 and Vet Combined men’s foil
  • Jan Patterson took gold in Vet70 men’s foil
  • Carola Schmid, bronze in Vet50 women’s epee and bronze in Vet Combined women’s epee
  • Cindy Glover, bronze in Vet50 women’s epee and 7th place, Vet Combined women’s epee
  • Monica Morrison, 6th place, Vet50 women’s foil and bronze in Vet team women’s foil
  • Jennifer Devore, 5th place, Vet40 women’s epee
  • Ana Brainard, 8th place, Vet50 women’s foil and 7th place, Vet50 women’s saber

Not to be outdone, the non-vets did well too:

  • Zoe Tolbert, silver in DivIII women’s foil and silver in DivII women’s foil
  • Abby Swallow, silver in DivII women’s saber
  • Alex Rwamashongye, bronze in DivII men’s epee

Congratulations, all!!

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