December NAC Results

As usual, December was a productive NAC for Western Washington fencers. This year, having the NAC in Portland made it easier for fencers to attend, increasing the number of participants and leading to a whopping 20 medals for WWD fencers!!

Congratulations to everyone who medaled, and to everyone who participated. Remember, just showing up means you finished ahead of everyone who didn’t come!

Division medalists for the December NAC:

Jan PattersonV70MFGold
Davis CarveyV70MF5th
Mark LundborgVETMS6th
Nicole KlinemeierV40WF8th
Bonnie AherV70WEGold
Anna TellesV60WEBronze
Mark LundborgV50MS6th
Kwangsuk ChungVETMFGold
Monica ExumV50WESilver
Carola SchmidV50WE5th
Monica MorrisonVETWF5th
John VarneyV50MEGold
Toby LeeV40ME7th
Maya OuthredDV2WFSilver
Blanca MarentesV40WS7th
Zsuzsanna KláraDV1WE7th
Sebastian Grathwohl-SearDV2MS7th
Kundry HaberkernDV1WE classification5th
Carola SchmidVETWE6th
Anna TellesVETWE8th

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