Pre-qualifiers for 2018 JOs

The following fencers are (unofficially) pre-qualified for this season’s Junior Olympics and so do not need to fence at the divisional qualifier event this Saturday, November 18th, at Rain City Fencing Center.

Note that all fencers are responsible for checking their own qualification. The rules are available at the Junior Olympics event page; scroll down and select the “Eligibility” tab. Both national and regional point lists are available on the USA Fencing site.

EventPrequalified Fencers
JWECatherine Ji
Ketki Ketkar
Helen Kim
JWFGracie Kim
Dolly Lampson
Jessica Lee
Lulu Tang
JWSErin Shea
Abagail Swallow
JMEMark Benack
Matthew Comes
Andrew Lee
JMFBen Lee
Austin Li
Tommy Pak
Shaw Phillips
Wesley Wong
JMSJuan Amezquita
Sebastian Grathwohl-Sear
Gabriel Holmes
CWEKetki Ketkar
Mallika Ketkar
CWFGracie Kim
Jessica Lee
Maya Outhred
Lulu Tang
CMEBrian Li
CMFBen Lee
Tommy PakVanya Ponomarev
CMSSebastian Grathwohl-Sear
Gabriel Holmes
Silas Staten-Lusty
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