Division Board Meeting August 13, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Peterson, Mike Reiter, Dan Berke, Allan Geller, Sylvie Troxel

  • Web site – worth keeping? Pump up the look? Definitely get the refund form working
  • JO qualifiers – same weekend as a rain city RYC.  Looking to move – possibly weekend after thanksgiving
  • LAO set up on AskFred. Vet events added
  • We need more Leon medals. Wine for supplementary prize. 5 bottles wine, 5 bottles alt beverages.
  • Snacks needed also for 15 people
  • Alan hiring refs.  Dan – Need to look into hotels near SAS.
  • Dan to reach out to Aly for trainer
  • Armory for LAO. Andy or Ken. Alan to get them lined up
  • Need to get More championship trophies – men’s and women’s saber, and 3 weapon need to be replaced.  Action – Mike. $250 / trophy budget
  • Getting more Board representation / input – We will put a notice on the Facebook page for the next meeting for Division members to attend if they want.
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