WWD Annual Meeting 2021

WWD Annual Meeting 6/27/21

Mike Reiter, Kevin Mar, Sylvie Troxel, Rachel Peterson, Dan Berke, Alan Geller


  • Adam Geller
  • Spencer Felt
  • Yasser Eldarawani
  • Prashant Ketkar
  • Greg Jones
  • Alison Burchet


  • WWD has started sanctioning events again
  • No championships this year
  • Old mailing list on Yahoo is gone; replace with a Google group – WWD Fencing
  • 86 WWD members going to Nationals
  • Waiting to hear about status of National events (e.g., COVID protocols, event caps)
  • No locations for NACs announced as of this date
  • Regional events deadline has passed; Battle in Seattle already scheduled
  • Division schedule will be set after National schedule is announced
  • Financials
    • $618 earned via USFA rebate
  • Election
    • No nominations from the members
    • All past Board members running
    • Unanimous vote by acclimation
  • A new Treasurer search is needed for next year
  • Meeting Adjourned
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