2020 WWD Annual Meeting

June 14, 2020

A recording of the meeting is available here.

  • Conducted via video conference call
  • 11 people in attendance at the start of the call
  • March / April NACs canceled
  • Summer Nationals canceled
  • Division Qualifiers will not be held
  • The WWD Championships have also been canceled
  • Waiting to hear from USFA about plans for the next season
  • Regional events for the fall are still TBD. USFA may allow organizers to cap event size to conform with local requirements. There will be some guidance on suggested sizes (e.g., if the guidance is 50 people, the event would be capped at 25 competitors)
  • Leon Auriol Open has been transferred to Salle Auriol to run; it is likely to be postponed or canceled based on the planned September date
  • Battle in Seattle – January – we will need to make provisional plans
  • Clubs are looking into best practices for reopening, in accordance with USFA guidelines
  • Considering coordinating club re-opening – we encourage clubs to discuss the guidelines amongst themselves
  • There will need to be a waiver for people to sign that they understand the risk. Looking for a volunteer lawyer to draft this.
  • Considering making use of a COVID safety video.
  • Metro Tacoma has created a document for COVID safety and will make that available.
  • Financial Report
    • All events were profitable
    • Profits to be reinvested in activities such as referee training
    • Planned expenses believed to be in line with available funds
  • Annual Officer Election
    • Chair – Dan Berke
    • Vice – Kevin Mar, Alan Geller, Rachel Peterson
    • Secretary – Mike Reiter
    • Treasurer – Sylvie Troxel
    • No nominations via email
    • Opened to nominations: None made
    • Sylvie Troxel has announced that this is her last year so if people are interested for next year, please let the Board know
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