Pre-qualifiers for 2017 Summer Nationals

As of April 2, 2017, the following WWD fencers are already qualified for Y14 or division 2 eventsĀ  at Summer Nationals. Fencers marked with an asterisk* indicate that they are qualified by being in the top 30% of the current RYC points list for our region (region 1); this may change if there are any more RYCs this season.

NOTE: This list is unofficial and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Fencers are responsible for verifying their own qualification for Summer Nationals.

The qualification rules are available from

Y14 Men's EpeeJoseph Roy
Brian Li
Y14 Men's FoilWesley Wong
Ivan Ponomarev
John Musha
Avery Townsend
Gabe Meyer*
Nicholas Li*
Jonathan Nister*
Y14 Men's SaberSilas Staten-Lusty
Anderson Bull*
Y14 Women's EpeeKetki Ketkar
Mallika Ketkar
Y14 Women's FoilMaya Outhred
Elisabeth (Gracie) Kim
Abigail Ding*
Mallika Ketkar*
Y14 Women's SaberCaroline Nobriega*
DV2 Men's EpeeMark Benack
Jerry Lu
Mark Blom
Alexander Rwamashongye
Craig Haworth
Dan Berke
Vicente Cartas Espinel
Jameson Lu
Garrett Armstrong
Tobias Lee
DV2 Men's FoilRichard Bowen
Andrew Lee
Hyunsoo (Kevin) Shin
Matthew Comes
Craig Haworth
Jake Lockner
Wesley Wong
DV2 Men's SaberCharlie Catino
Mark Lundborg
Matthew Comes
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
Ethan Wang
Aiden Holmes
Juan Amezquita
DV2 Women's EpeeJennifer Devore
Kathrina Czarny
Abigail Barr
Chloe McGuffin
Cynthia Glover
Monica Morrison
Helen Kim
DV2 Women's FoilZoe Tolbert
Sylvie Troxel
Elisabeth (Gracie) Kim
Caroline Baker
Monica Morrison
DV2 Women's SaberAbigail Swallow
Erin Shea
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