WWD Meeting Agenda – August 2016

General Notes

  1. Will WWD reimburse our professional memberships again?


2. Alan has emailed club reps asking for tournament dates
Event schedule should be posted on WWD site
Remind organizers of saber events that they need to use the new timings and on guard lines
Dan will create the events in AskFred
3.  Do we run JOs as a single long day at RCFC, or two days?
1 day
4. We will be using a “good for the entire season” waiver, but it only will apply to WWD members.
We will track who has signed in a spreadsheet.
We should probably make ~200 copies, that will probably cover everyone
5. WWD medals for the new season
Do we keep the same design/material?
We should order multiple years’ worth, only need for Championships in June
6. What is our official policy regarding borrowing WWD equipment? We have a request for Bladefest.
Equipment can be borrowed by anyone but they need to make a security deposit ($100) to cover missing/broken equipment upon return (by deadline)
We should make an inventory list to place in the box with the test kits
7. WWD scoring machines will not be sent in to be upgraded to the new timings – too old, limited usage
8.  Should WWD kick in some cash to support vets going to Vet Worlds? Suggestion was to donate to fund coach travel.
9.  Qualifiers – no refunds if the event isn’t fenced. This is because of the cost of keeping people on site.
Leon Auriol Open Planning
1. Event is on AskFred, Dan will start sending reminder emails
2. Need to confirm that SAS has at least 4 or 5 machines upgraded to the new timings
Checked with Kundry; the process is underway and is expected to be ready for the LAO.
Need at least 10 per day
Plan to fly in two: Lilov and Lenitsky
Tentative list: Garik, Adam, Alan, Kevin, Zoe, Justin, Lilov, Lenitsky, +2 TBD
Possible refs: Greg, Michael, Nikita, George
4. Trainer (Lucy) has been contacted, waiting to hear on availability
5. Need to contact Andy and/or Kyle M. about helping with armory
6. Who is planning on fencing (tentatively)?
7. Will we do armory pre-checks?
8. Prizes
Leon medals; we have plenty

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