Pre-qualifier List for Summer Nationals

The following fencers have qualified for division II (and III, if they are still rated D or below as of the registration deadline for Summer Nationals). Note that these fencers are not considered “automatic qualifiers” by the USFA, and so will take up a qualifying slot if they finish in the top 25% at division qualifiers. Thus, if you’re one of these fencers, please do *not* participate in the division qualifying tournament (in the same weapon, of course) in order to avoid depriving another fencer of the possibility of qualifying.
Women's Epee:Tzvetelina Dimitrova
Rachel WIlliams
Krystle Furtwangler
Cynthia Glover
Stephanie English
Men's Epee:Isaac Dugaw
Mark Blom
Craig Haworth
Audun Holland-Goon
Johannes Klein
Daniel Berke
Jeff Johnson
Tobias Lee
Aaron Page
John Comes
Robert Lampson
Women's Foil:Zoe Tolbert
Alina Marshall
Sylvie Troxel
Kyla Shelly
Ana Brainard
Catherine McClellan
Men's Foil:Benjamin Lee
Martin Macedo
Richard Bowen
Tobias Lee
Craig Haworth
Women's Saber:Erin Shea
Abigail Swallow
Men's Saber:
David Rule
Ethan Wang
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
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